Varsity Coach Jody Bolser

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Assistant Coach Heather Swarts


Varsity Schedule

Date Time Opponent Venue
Aug. 9 6:00pm Jay County Home
Aug. 16 6:00pm Western Away
Aug. 18 9:00am Elwood Invitational Away
Aug. 20 6:00pm Bluffton Away
Aug. 22 6:00pm Northfield Away
Aug. 23 6:00pm Southern Wells Away
Aug. 27 6:00pm Oak Hill Home
Aug. 30 6:00pm Eastbrook Home
Sep. 1 9:00am Kay Saunders Invitational Wes-Del
Sep. 5 6:00pm Madison Grant Away
Sep. 8 9:00am Rossville Invitational Away
Sep. 11 6:00pm Alexandria Away
Sep. 13 6:00pm Marion Home
Sep. 17 6:00pm Delta Home
Sep. 19 6:00pm Elwood Home
Sep. 24 6:00pm Eastern Home
Sep. 25 6:00pm Blackford Away
Oct. 2 6:00pm Pendelton Heights Away
Oct. 4 6:00pm Frankton Home
Oct. 6 12:00pm Grant Four Eastbrook
Oct. 11 6:00pm Sectional TBA

Junior Varsity Only Events

Date Time Opponent Venue
Sep. 22 9:00am Mississinewa Invitational Home
Oct. 3 5:30pm JV Grant Four Eastbrook

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Junior Varsity. 2018 Coming Soon…

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