Varsity Coach Steve Miller

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Assistant Varsity Coach Jeff Cox
Junior Varsity Coach Heather Swarts


Varsity Schedule

Date Time Opponent Venue
Apr. 1 11:00am Marion (Scrimmage) Away
Apr. 4 5:00pm Wapahani Home
Apr. 8 11:00am Cass Away
Apr. 11 5:00pm Wabash Away
Apr. 12 5:00pm Wes-Del Home
Apr. 13 5:00pm Northfield Away
Apr. 14 10:00am Bellmont Home
Apr. 18 5:00pm Lapel Home
Apr. 19 5:00pm Taylor Home
Apr. 20 5:00pm Alexandria Home
Apr. 22 11:00am Huntington North Home
Apr. 22 12:30pm Huntington North Home
Apr. 25 5:00pm  Madison Grant Away
Apr. 27 5:00pm  Blackford Home
May 2 5:00pm  Oak Hill Away
May 4 5:30pm  Frankton Away
May 5 5:30pm  Heritage Home
May 6 12:00pm  R. Nelson Snider HS Home
May 9 5:00pm  Elwood Home
 May 10 5:00pm  Daleville Away
 May 11 5:00pm  Eastbrook Away
 May 12 5:00pm  Northwestern Home
 May 16 10:00am  Southwood Home
 May 18 5:00pm  Eastern Home


Junior Varsity Schedule

Date Time Opponent Venue
Apr. 6 6:00pm Maconaquah Home
Apr. 8 12:30pm Cass Away
Apr. 10 5:00pm Western Home
Apr. 19 5:00pm Southwood Away
Apr. 20 6:30pm Alexandria Home
Apr. 22 12:30pm Huntington North Away
Apr. 24 5:00pm Wapahani Home
Apr. 25 6:30pm Madison Grant Away
May 2 5:00pm Oak Hill Away
May 5 5:00pm Heritage Away
May 4 6:30pm Frankton (Rescheduled) Away
May 9 6:30pm Elwood Home
 May 11  6:30pm  Eastbrook  Away
May 15 5:00pm Marion Away
May 18 5:00pm Northwestern Away
May 20 10:00am JV Grant Four Oak Hill

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