RJB Winter Sports

R.J. Baskett Middle School offers Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Wrestling for the winter seasons along with our Cheerleaders. Schedules may change during the Winter Break.

RJB Boys Basketball

Nov. 156:00pmFranktonAway
Nov. 176:00pm7th Kokomo A/BHome
Nov. 176:00pm8th Kokomo A/BAway
Nov. 235:00pm8th McCulloch A/BAway
Nov. 236:00pm7th McCulloch A/BHome
Nov. 296:00pm7th Eastbrook A/BAway
Nov. 296:00pm8th Eastbrook A/BHome
Dec. 15:30pmAlexandriaAway
Dec. 146:00pmBlackfordHome
Jan. 136:00pmSouthern WellsHome
Jan. 159:00am8th Grant FourRJB
Jan. 186:00pm7th Oak Hill A/BHome
Jan. 186:00pm8th Oak Hill A/BHome
Jan. 205:00pm7th Madison Grant A/BAway
Jan. 206:00pm8th Madison Grant A/BHome
Jan. 229:00am7th Grant FourMGJHS
Feb. 56:00pmMadison Grant (CIC)Home
Home Events are in BOLD

RJB Girls Basketball

Nov 226:00pm EastbrookAway
Dec 1 6:00pm AlexHome
Dec 66:00pm Blackford Home
Dec 86:00pm Elwood Home
Dec 166:00pm Wabash Away
Jan 5 6:00pm Madison Grant Home
Jan 136:00pm Southern Wells Away
Jan 159:00am8th Grade Grant 4 Home
Jan 196:00pm Oak Hill Home
Jan 229:00am7th Grade Grant 4 Away
Jan 246:00pm FranktonAway
Jan 276:00pm KokomoHome
Jan 299:00amInvite (Wabash)Away
Jan 315:00pm Blackford Home
Feb 86:00pmKokomoAway
Feb 105:00pm McCulloch Away
Home Events are in BOLD

RJB Coed Wrestling

Feb. 26:00pmMcCulloch/AlexandriaAMS
Feb. 86:00pmWabash/TritonWMS
Feb. 176:00pmSouthern WellsMHS Aux
Feb. 269:00amOak Hill InvitationalAway
Feb. 286:00pmEastbrook/MGAway
Mar. 36:00pmOak Hill Away
Mar. 59:00amOak HillAway
Mar. 165:00pmCIC at Oak HillAway
Home Events are in BOLD

RJB 6th Grade Boys

Jan 246:00pmSouthwoodHome
Jan 256:00pmAlexHome
Jan 276:00pmWabash Away
Feb 16:00pmMadison GrantHome
Feb 37:00pmElwood Away
Feb 75:30pmTipton Away
Feb 96:00pmOak HillAway
Feb 156:00pmJustice Away
Feb 166:00pmEastbrook Home
Feb 177:00pmSt. Marys AlexHome
Feb 226:00pmJusticeHome
Feb 285:30pmMontpelier Away
Mar 17:00pmBlackfordAway
Mar 35:00pmRiverviewHome
Mar 77:00pmBlackfordHome
Home Events are in BOLD

RJB 6th Grade Girls

Jan 276:00pmAlexHome
Jan 316:00pmKokomoAway
Feb 1 6:00pmElwood Home
Feb 35:30pmTiptonAway
Feb 76:00pmEastbrookHome
Feb 96:00pmMadison Grant Home
Feb 166:15pmSouthwood Away
Feb 176:00pmSt. Marys AlexHome
Feb 235:30pmMontpelierAway
Mar 16:00pmBlackford Away
Mar 36:00pmJustice Away
Mar 76:00pmBlackford Home
Mar 86:00pmJustice Home
Mar 96:30pmOak Hill Away
Mar 146:00pmWabash Away
Home Events are in BOLD

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