RJB Winter Sports

R.J. Baskett Middle School offers Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Wrestling for the winter seasons along with our Cheerleaders. Schedules may change during the Winter Break.

RJB Boys Basketball

Nov. 166:00pmFranktonHome
Nov. 186:00pm7th Kokomo A/BHome
Nov. 186:00pm8th Kokomo A/BAway
Nov. 245:00pm8th McCulloch A/BAway
Nov. 246:00pm7th McCulloch A/BHome
Nov. 306:00pm7th Eastbrook A/BAway
Nov. 306:00pm8th Eastbrook A/BHome
Dec. 25:30pmAlexandriaHome
Dec. 146:00pmWabashAway
Dec. 156:00pmBlackfordAway
Jan. 65:30pmElwoodHome
Jan. 146:00pmSouthern WellsAway
Jan. 169:00am8th Grant FourOHJHS
Jan. 196:00pm7th Oak Hill A/BAway
Jan. 196:00pm8th Oak Hill A/BHome
Jan. 215:00pm7th Madison Grant A/BAway
Jan. 216:00pm8th Madison Grant A/BHome
Jan. 239:00am7th Grant FourMGJHS
Jan. 256:00pmMadison Grant (CIC)Home
Jan. 265:30pm6th AlexandriaAway
Jan. 286:00pm6th WabashHome
Feb. 26:30pm6th ElwoodAway
Feb. 46:00pm6th TiptonHome
Feb. 69:00amMaconaquah TournamentAway
Feb. 86:00pm6th Oak HillHome
Feb. 106:00pm6th JusticeAway
Feb. 176:00pm6th Madison GrantAway
Feb. 236:00pm6th JusticeAway
Mar. 16:00pm6th MontpelierHome
Mar. 26:00pm6th BlackfordHome
Mar. 86:00pm6th BlackfordAway

RJB Girls Basketball

Nov. 236:00pmEastbrookHome
Dec. 25:30pmAlexandriaAway
Dec. 75:30pmBlackfordAway
Dec. 95:30pmElwoodAway
Dec. 146:00pmMcCullochHome
Dec. 176:00pmWabashHome
Jan. 65:00pmMadison GrantAway
Jan. 146:00pmSouthern WellsHome
Jan. 169:00am8th Grant FourOHJHS
Jan. 206:00pmOak HillAway
Jan. 239:00am7th Grant FourMGJHS
Jan. 256:00pmFranktonMHS Aux
Jan. 286:00pmKokomoMaplecrest
Jan. 285:30pm6th AlexandriaAway
Jan. 309:00amRJB InvitationalHome
Feb. 15:00pmMadison Grant (CIC)Away
Feb. 16:00pm6th KokomoHome
Feb. 25:30pm6th ElwoodAway
Feb. 46:00pm6th TiptonHome
Feb. 86:00pm6th EastbrookAway
Feb. 96:00pmKokomoHome
Feb. 106:00pm6th Madison GrantSville ES
Feb. 176:00pm6th SouthwoodHome
Feb. 246:00pm6th MontpelierHome
Mar. 26:00pm6th BlackfordHome
Mar. 46:00pm6th JusticeHome
Mar. 86:00pm6th BlackfordNview ES
Mar. 96:00pm6th JusticeAway
Mar. 106:00pm6th Oak HillHome
Mar. 156:00pm6th WabashHome

RJB Coed Wrestling

Jan. 265:30pmDelta/Eastern HancockTBD
Feb. 36:00pmMcCulloch/AlexandriaAMS
Feb. 96:00pmWabash/TritonWMS
Feb. 186:00pmElwood/Southern WellsMHS Aux
Feb. 279:00amOak Hill InvitationalAway
Mar. 16:00pmEastbrook/Madison GrantMGJHS
Mar. 46:00pmOak HillMHS Aux
Mar. 69:00amFrankfortFMS
Mar. 175:00pmCIC at Oak HillAway

Home of the Indians