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RJB Athletics Coordinator Mike Scott

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2020 RJB Baseball

April 13Oak Hill5:30pmAway
April 14North Miami5:00pmAway
April 16Madison Grant5:30pmHome
April 18Eastbrook (DH)11:00amAway
April 21Lincoln6:00pmHome
April 23McCulloch5:30pmAway
April 28Wabash5:00pmHome
May 2Hamilton Heights (DH)11:00amAway
May 5Frankton5:00pmAway
May 7McCulloch5:30pmHome
May 7North Miami5:30pmHome
May 11Highland5:00pmAway
May 12Frankton5:00pmHome
May 13Alexandria5:00pmHome
May 16Lincoln (DH)10:00amAway
May 18Kokomo5:00pmHome
May 20Madison Grant5:30pmAway
May 26Lapel5:00pmAway
May 27Western5:00pmHome

2020 RJB Softball

April 13Oak Hill6:00pmHome
April 16McCulloch5:00pmAway
April 18Maconaquah (DH)10:00amAway
April 20Madison Grant5:30pmAway
April 22Peru6:00pmHome
April 24Northwestern5:00pmHome
April 27Eastbrook6:00pmHome
April 29Eastrbook5:30pmAway
April 30Blackford5:30pmAway
May 4Alexandria5:00pmAway
May 5Elwood5:30pmHome
May 6Frankton5:30pmAway
May 7Elwood6:00pmAway
May 11Blackford6:00pmHome
May 12Madison Grant5:30pmHome
May 14Highland5:00pmAway
May 18Wabash5:30pmHome
May 20Frankton6:00pmHome
May 21Oak Hill5:30pmAway
May 27Lapel5:00pmAway

2020 RJB Boys Soccer

April 13Oak Hill (Red)6:00pmHome
April 15Eastbrook (Red)6:00pmAway
April 16McCulloch (White)6:00pmAway
April 20Western (Red)6:00pmHome
April 21Tipton (White)6:00pmHome
April 27Blackford (Red)6:00pmAway
April 29Eastern (Red)7:30pmHome
April 30Kokomo (White)6:00pmAway
May 4McCulloch (Red)6:00pmHome
May 6Western (White)6:00pmAway
May 7Eastern (White)5:30pmAway
May 11Oak Hill (Red)6:00pmAway
May 14Eastbrook (White)6:00pmHome
May 18Kokomo (Red)5:30pmHome
May 21Tipton (Red)6:00pmAway

2020 RJB Girls Soccer

April 14Eastern6:00pmHome
April 17Wabash6:00pmHome
April 21Eastbrook6:00pmAway
April 22Kokomo6:00pmHome
April 29Taylor5:30pmHome
May 5Eastbrook6:00pmHome
May 8Western6:00pmAway
May 11Kokomo6:00pmAway
May 13Taylor6:00pmAway
May 15Blackford6:00pmHome
May 19Eastern6:00pmAway
May 25Maconaquah9:00amAway

2020 RJB Co-ed Golf

April 14Wabash4:30pmHoneywell
April 16Oak Hill/Eastbrook5:00pmArbor Trace
April 21Eastern5:00pmChippendale
April 23McCulloch5:00pmElks
April 27Maconaquah5:00pmElks
May 2Oak Hill3:00pmArbor Trace
May 5Elwood/Frankton5:00pmMeadowbrook
May 11Eastbrook5:00pmElks
May 14Oak Hill5:00pmElks
May 18Kokomo4:30pmElks
May 22Eastern/Elwood5:00pmElks

2020 RJB Co-ed Track

April 23Oak Hill4:30pmHome
April 25Southwood Invitational9:00amAway
April 29Madison Grant/Blackford5:00pmMGHS
April 30Eastbrook4:30pmHome
May 2CIC Conference Meet10:00amMGHS
May 7Maple Creek5:00pmAway
May 9Marion Event10:00amAway

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