RJB Springs Sports

R.J. Baskett Spring Sports include Coed Golf and Coed Track & Field

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Date Time Opponent Venue
Apr. 15 11:00am Taylor Away
Apr. 18 5:00pm Logansport Away
Apr. 21 5:00pm McCulloch Home
Apr. 25 5:00pm Wabash MHS
Apr. 29 2:00pm 7th Hamilton Heights HHMS
Apr. 29 4:00pm 8th Hamilton Heights HHMS
May 2 5:00pm 7th Frankton MHS
May 2 5:00pm 8th Frankton FHS
May 4 5:00pm McCulloch Away
May 6 11:00am Eastbrook Away
May 8 5:00pm Highland Away
May 11 5:00pm 7th Frankton FHS
May 11 5:00pm 8th Frankton MHS
May 13 11:00am Logansport MHS
May 15 5:00pm Kokomo Home
May 20 10:00am 7th Eastbrook RJB
May 20 11:00am 8th McCulloch Lincoln
May 23 5:00pm 7th Lapel MHS
May 23 6:15pm 8th Lapel MHS

Baseball. Coming Soon…


Date Time Opponent Venue
Apr. 3 5:30pm Oak Hill Home
Apr. 5 5:30pm Eastbrook Away
Apr. 10 5:30pm Delta Away
Apr. 14 6:00pm Blackford Home
Apr. 17 5:30pm Peru Home
Apr. 19 5:00pm Western Away
Apr. 24 5:30pm Eastbrook Home
Apr. 26 5:30pm Eastern Away
May 1 5:30pm Wabash Home
May 2 5:30pm Madison Grant Away
May 5 5:30pm Lewis Cass Away
May 8 6:00pm Blackford Away
May 9 5:30pm Madison Grant Home
May 11 5:00pm Highland Home
May 13 TBA Tentative Grant 4 at Oak Hill Away
May 15 TBA Tournament TBA
May 19 5:30pm Oak Hill Away
May 22 5:30pm Taylor Away
May 23 TBA Lapel TBA

Softball. Coming Soon…

Coed Golf

Date Time Opponent Venue
Apr. 13 5:00pm Oak Hill SHGC
Apr. 17 5:00pm Eastern SHGC
Apr. 18 4:30pm Wabash SHGC
Apr. 24 4:30pm Maconaquah SHGC
May 1 5:00pm Eastbrook SHGC
May 2 5:00pm Blackford Club Run
May 5 5:00pm McCulloch SHGC
May 8 5:00pm McCulloch SHGC
May 9 5:00pm Blackford SHGC
May 11 4:30pm Oak Hill Arbor Trace
May 15 5:00pm Kokomo KALC
May 20 9:00am Blackford Tournament Trailside GC

SHGC = Shady Hills Golf Course . KALC = Kokomo American Legion Course

Golf. Coming Soon…

Coed Track & Field

Date Time Opponent Venue
 Apr. 19  4:30pm  Frankton/Alexandria  FHS
 Apr. 20  4:30pm  Oak Hill  Away
 Apr. 26  4:30pm  Madison Grant/Blackford  MGHS
 Apr. 27  4:30pm  Eastbrook  Away
 Apr. 29  10:00am  CIC Meet  MGHS
 May 4  5:00pm  Kokomo  RJB
 May 6  10:00am  McCulloch  Marion HS

Track & Field. Coming Soon…

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