RJB Fall Sports

R.J. Baskett Middle School Fall Sports 

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Date Time Opponent Venue
Aug. 29 6:00pm Eastern Away
Sep. 4 5:30pm Elwood Away
Sep. 13 6:00pm Eastbrook MHS
Sep. 15 5:00pm Madison Grant Ball State
Sep. 18 5:00pm Madison Grant Away
Sep. 25 6:00pm Oak Hill MHS
Oct. 2 5:30pm Frankton Away
Oct. 9 6:00pm Alexandria MHS
Oct. 16 6:00pm Blackford MHS

RJB Football Coaching Staff . Darin Sylte, Kody Cowgill, Bill Dawson, Matt Niverson

8th Grade Football. 2018 Coming Soon…

7th Grade Football. 2018 Coming Soon…


Date Time Opponent Venue
Aug. 27 6:00pm East Jay Home
Aug. 30 6:00pm Elwood Away
Sep. 5 6:00pm Madison Grant Home
Sep. 8 9:00am Grant Four OHHS
Sep. 11 6:00pm Wes-Del Away
Sep. 11 5:00pm 6th Grade Wes-Del Away
Sep. 13 5:30pm Frankton Away
Sep. 15 9:00am 6th Grade Selma Invitational Away
Sep. 17 6:00pm 6th Grade Oak Hill Home
Sep. 18 6:00pm Kokomo Home
Sep. 20 6:00pm Blackford Away
Sep. 20 6:00pm 6th Grade Justice Home
Sep. 22 9:00am Southwood Invitational Away
Sep. 24 6:00pm Wabash Home
Sep. 24 5:30pm 6th Grade Wabash Home
Sep. 26 6:00pm Alexandria Away
Sep. 26 5:00pm 6th Grade Alexandria Away
Sep. 27 6:00pm 6th Grade East Jay Home
Sep. 29 9:00am CIC MHS
Oct. 2 6:00pm Eastbrook Home
Oct. 2 5:00pm 6th Grade Maconaquah Home
Oct. 4 6:00pm Oak Hill Away
Oct. 4 6:00pm 6th Grade Elwood Home
Oct. 9 5:00pm Southern Wells Home
Oct. 10 6:00pm 6th Grade Justice Away
Oct. 11 5:00pm McCulloch Home

RJB Volleyball Coaching Staff . Linda Osborne, Emily Oke, Kiley Scott, Kylee Elliott

8th Grade Volleyball. 2018 Coming Soon…

7th Grade Volleyball. 201 Coming Soon…

6th Grade Volleyball. 2018 Coming Soon…

Cross Country

Date Time Opponent Venue
Aug. 25 9:00am Eastbrook Taylor U.
Aug. 28 5:00pm McCulloch Justice
Sep. 4 4:30pm Oak Hill Away
Sep. 6 5:00pm Alexandria & Elwood Elwood
Sep. 8 9:00am IWU Invitational IWU
Sep. 11 5:00pm Peru & Wabash Away
Sep. 18 4:30pm Grant Four Taylor U.
Sep. 25 4:30pm TKA & Madison Grant MGHS
Sep. 29 9:00am CIC IWU

RJB Cross Country Coaching Staff . Dustin Jones

Boys Cross Country. 2018 Coming Soon…

Girls Cross Country. 2018 Coming Soon…

Coed Tennis

Date Time Opponent Venue
Aug. 29 5:00pm Western MHS
Aug. 30 5:00pm McCulloch MHS
Sep. 8 9:00am Shenandoah Away
Sep. 11 5:00pm Eastern MHS
Sep. 12 5:00pm Madison Grant Away
Sep. 17 5:00pm McCulloch Marion
Sep. 18 5:00pm Kokomo Away
Sep. 20 5:00pm Eastern Away
Sep. 25 5:00pm Shenandoah MHS
Sep. 29 11:00am Manchester Away
Oct. 3 5:00pm Madison Grant MHS
Oct. 4 5:00pm Lapel MHS

RJB Tennis Coaching Staff . John Stark

Coed Tennis. 2018 Coming Soon…

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