Girls Tennis


Varsity Coach . Caroline Cassidy . OleMiss Tennis Twitter
Varsity Assistant Coach . Emily Oke

2022 Varsity Schedule

April 3Pendleton Heights (Scrimmage)4:30pmAway
April 5Marion – CANCELED5:00pmHome
April 6Marion (L 2-3)5:00pmHome
April 7Anderson (W 5-0)5:00pmAway
April 11Bluffton (W 5-0)5:00pmAway
April 13Yorktown (W 3-2)5:00pmAway
April 18Wabash (W 5-0)5:00pmHome
April 21Elwood (W 5-0)4:30pmHome
April 22Canterbury Invitational9:00amAway
April 24Muncie Burris (W 3-2)5:00pmHome
April 25Western (W 4-1)5:30pmHome
April 27Madison-Grant (W 5-0)5:00pmHome
April 29Homestead Invitational8:30amAway
May 2Alexandria-Monroe (W 3-2)5:00pmAway
May 3Blackford (W 5-0)5:00pmHome
May 10Frankton4:30pmAway
May 11Hamilton Heights5:00pmAway

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