Boys Basketball

Varsity Coach James Reed

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Varsity Schedule

Nov. 196:00pmSouthern Wells (Scrimmage)Home
Nov. 236:00pmEastern (9th)Away
Nov. 256:00pmMarionHome
Nov. 286:00pmHuntington North (9th/JV/V)Away
Nov. 306:00pmWabash (9th)Away
Dec. 16:15pmNorwell (9th/JV/V)Away
Dec. 56:00pmNorthwesternHome
Dec. 115:00pmOak Hill (9th/JV/V)Home
Dec. 126:00pmYorktown (9th/JV/V)Away
Dec. 176:00pmWes-Del (9th)Away
Dec. 185:00pmMadison Grant (9th/JV/V)Home
Dec. 196:00pmKokomo (Varsity Only)Away
Dec. 216:00pmJV Grant FourEastbrook
Dec. 2910:00amGrant FourOHHS
Jan. 66:00pmSouthwood (9th/JV/V)Home
Jan. 96:00pmKokomo TaylorAway
Jan. 116:00pmDelta (9th)Away
Jan. 144:45pmBlackford (9th/JV)Away
Jan. 157:30pmBlackford (Varsity Only)Away
Jan. 196:00pmWabashAway
Jan. 225:00pmElwood (9th/JV/V)Away
Jan. 239:00amEastbrook (9th)Away
Jan. 295:00pmAlexandria (9th/JV/V)Home
Feb. 16:00pmFrankton (9th)Home
Feb. 36:00pmMaconaquah (9th)Away
Feb. 611:00amDeltaAway
Feb. 106:00pmMarion (9th)Home
Feb. 126:00pmFranktonHome
Feb. 195:00pmEastbrook (9th/JV/V)Away
Feb. 205:00pmBluffton (9th/JV/V)Home
Feb. 236:00pmNew CastleHome
Feb. 266:00pmManchesterHome
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