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2020 Schedule

April 13JV Eastern5:00pmHome
April 14Norwell5:00pmAway
April 16JV Daleville5:00pmAway
April 16Peru5:30pmHome
April 17Southwood5:00pmAway
April 18Northwestern10:00amHome
April 21JV Peru5:00pmAway
April 21Cowan5:00pmHome
April 22JV Frankton5:30pmAway
April 23Blackford5:00pmAway
April 25JV Mt. Vernon10:00amAway
April 25Bluffton11:00amHome
April 27JV Southern Wells5:00pmHome
April 28JV Tipton5:00pmAway
April 28Oak Hill5:00pmHome
April 30Frankton5:30pmHome
May 2Grant Four at Mississinewa9:00amHome
May 4JV Oak Hill5:00pmHome
May 5Elwood5:00pmAway
May 6JV Blackford5:00pmHome
May 7Eastbrook5:00pmHome
May 8Maconaquah6:00pmAway
May 9IWU Round Robin9:00amIWU
May 11Marion5:00pmHome
May 11JV Marion5:30pmAway
May 12Alexandria5:00pmAway
May 13JV Madison-Grant5:00pmAway
May 14Madison-Grant5:00pmHome
May 18JV Alexandria5:00pmAway
May 19Western5:00pmAway
May 20Taylor5:00pmAway
May 21JV Kokomo5:00pmAway
May 22JV Anderson5:00pmAway
May 23JV Grant Four at Oak Hill9:00amOHHS

Home of the Indians