Track with strong night in home opener

Today’s TribeSportsReport written by Ryan Scott.

Track results from Monday night as the Indians hosted Southwood.

Mississinewa Ladies Top Performers:

100Hurdles:1st place Audrey Spencer, 2nd place Avery Mariol 

100M: 1st Kaiyah Jones, 2nd Carsyn Yeakle, 3rd Mia Catey

4×100 M Relay:  1st place Team of Audrey Spencer, Carsyn Yeakle, Mia Catey, and Ky Jones 

400M: 3rd Audrey Spencer 

800M: 3rd Avery Wilson

Shot Put: 2nd Katelyn Ramey and 3rd Emma Wakeman

Discus: 2nd Katelyn Ramey and 3rd Ruby Amador 

Long Jump: 1st Carsyn Yeakle and 3rd Layla Kikendall 

Pole Vault: 1st Kendal Emmons and 2nd Kylee McMahan 

Southwood 68 Mississinewa 54

Mississinewa Men Top Performers: 

100 M: 1st Hayden Nelson, 2nd Trevon Hess, and 3rd Jayden Crick 

1600M: 1st Adrian Jeter and 2nd Sam Luchetti 

4×100 M relay: 1st place team of Jayden Crick, Trevon Hess, Peyton McPeak, and Hayden Nelson 

400M: 3rd Karver Jones 

300H: 2nd Zach Luchetti 

800M:1st Adrian Jeter 

3200M: 1st Sam Luchetti 

Shot: 1st Bryce Jones, 2nd Aiden Fortney, and 3rd Quentin Pearson

Discus: 1st Bryce Jones, 2nd Quentin Pearson, and 3rd Aiden Fortney 

Long Jump: 1st Zach Luchetti, 2nd TayJuan Weaver, and 3rd Ethen Wortinger

Pole Vault: 1st Zach Luchetti, 2nd Brayden Biddle, and 3rd Mason Reel 

High Jump: 1st Trevon Hess, 2nd Brayden Biddle, and 3rd Mason Reel

Mississinewa 88.5 Southwood 39.5 

*Stats were reported by Head Coach Ean Vanwinkle*

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Go Indians!!

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