Boys track wins at wabash

Today’s Tribe Sports Report written by the Tribe Sports Network’s Ryan Scott.

Track and Field: The boys and girls track team took on Wabash last night. The boys won 67-47 as the girls fell short 85.5-35.5. Results are shown below.

Girls Results:
100 Hurdles 1st: Abby Oyler 
100 meter  1st: Kaiyah Jones 
1600 meter  2nd Faith Bolden 
4×100 Relay 
400 meter 2nd Lia Luchetti   
300 meter hurdles
800 meter 2nd  Katie Robinson 
200 meter 3rd  Kendall Emmons 
3200M run
4×400 Relay  
High Jump: 2nd Alayna Webb 
Long Jump:  2nd Webb , 3rd Luchetti 
Pole Vault:   
Shot Put: 3rd Katelyn Ramey
Discus: 2nd Katelyn Ramey 

Boys Results:
4×800 meter relay: 
100 meter run: 1st Hayden Nelson 2nd Trevon Hess  
1600 meter run: 3rd Sam Bolden 
4×100 Relay 1st place team of E. Yoder, Jacob Entsminger, Karver Jones and Payton McPeak
400 meter run: 1st  Andre Sallade  2nd Josh O’Connell 
300 m hurdles 2nd Zach Luchetti 3rd Karver Jones 
800m 3rd Ty Newsom
200 meter run: 1st Hayden Nelson 2nd Trevon Hess   
3200M run: 3rd Jon Alsup 
4X400 Relay: 1st place team of Payton McPeak, Josh O’Connell, Andre Sallade, and Jayden Crick 
High Jump: 1st Ty Newsom 2nd Zach Luchetti  
Long Jump:, 1st Andre Sallade 2nd  Zach Luchetti 3rd Trevon Hess
Pole Vault: 
Shot Put: 2nd Grayson Dunn  3rd Brody Crosby 
Discus: 1st Brody Crosby  

Baseball: Baseball lost to a solid Peru team 12-2 last night. The Indians host Southwood tonight at home. JV lost to Jay County.
C. Campbell 2-3, 2B. H. Brown 2-2. K. Bailey 1-2, 1 RBI. L. Rock 2-3

Softball: No result on JV softball.

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