Indians Baseball to retire Coach Atkinson’s Jersey #21

Today’s Tribe Sports Report written by the Tribe Sports Network.

Jersey Retiring: On Monday, April 5th, Mississinewa Baseball will retire Coach Rick Atkinson’s Jersey before the first pitch as the Tribe takes on the Adams Central Jets to open up the 2021 Campaign. The Community is welcome to attend the jersey retiring and watch Indians baseball on Atkinson Field.

Here is what Head Coach Mike Scott has to say on the Retiring of #21.

“This Monday, April 5th , will mark a special occasion for the Mississinewa baseball program for a couple of
reasons. The first being it has been nearly two years since the Indians played a home game on Atkinson
Field. To say players are more than ready to play is an understatement. And speaking of Atkinson Field,
we also will be honoring our long time coach, Rick Atkinson, by retiring his #21 that he wore for so many
years. Personally, I have so much I owe to Coach Atkinson for being able to continue in his legacy. As a
former player he taught me so much about the game during the four years he was my coach. I had
grown up loving this game but Coach brought out the passion that I have for it. Then a few years later,
Coach Atkinson talked me into getting into coaching for the Mississinewa Indians. Looking back,
somehow Coach could always see something in me that I never could. As my coaching career continued,
I always had a mentor by my side. While coaching at both Anderson University and Indiana Wesleyan, it
was such a privilege to be coaching on the same field with him and we continued to talk and reminisce.
Coach Atkinson will always be remembered for his contributions and his legacy will continue. You did
well Coach. Thank you for being there for me”.

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