Lady indians suffered two losses on thursday night

Today’s Tribe Sports Report written by the Tribe Sports Network Director Ryan Scott. Featured picture by Mississinewa Sports Photographer John Carper.

High School and RJB winter athletic schedules are up for this season.

Covid-19: Before entering sporting events at Mississinewa High School and RJ Baskett Middle School masks are required and please social distance so Indian athletes can keep doing what they love.

Girls Basketball: In a 57-40 loss in the opening night of high school basketball, the Tribe lost much more than the game. With ten seconds left in the opening frame, senior Darah Watson went down with a knee injury and ended her high school basketball career with scoring 4 points in last night’s game. “You could tell tonight that the team was a little deflated when she went out. She’s our leader. She’s our vocal leader. She’s our scoring leader. That was tough. I love the kid, and I shed a couple of tears not knowing what’s going on”- Head Coach Laura Friday. (Sean Douglas)

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