Fall sports set to return to play

Today’s Tribe Sports Report written by the Tribe Sports Network Director Ryan Scott.

After a recent release from the IHSAA the 2020 fall sports season is a “go” but with a 3 phase plan. Phase 1 starts on July 6th with conditioning in small groups. Phase 2 has teams officially starting practices on July 20th and then by August, it’s back to normal competition. “Right now as we talk, there aren’t going to be number limitations in crowds at that point in time if we continue with the roll-out we’re at right now,” IHSAA commissioner Bobby Cox said. “We’re hopeful that we continue to behave this summer and do what we’re supposed to do so that when we get to fall, we don’t have to do that and if we can get to that place, we’re going to have a real fun season,” Cox said. With the return of the 2020 fall season first year head coach Kyle Buresh said ” We’re excited to get on the field on July 6th, We will play a tough and explosive brand of football.”

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Go Indians!

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