Indians visit rival

Indian News. The 2019 Mississinewa Homecoming is just around the corner. Stay tuned for more updates.
Monday: Time to Serve Day
Tuesday: Holiday Day
Wednesday: Decade Day
Thursday: Class Color Day
Friday: School Spirit Day
-Freshman: Orange 
-Sophomores: Green
-Juniors: Blue 
-Seniors: Pink

Football. It’s the 23rd meeting since 1997 for these two teams, Ole Miss will visit there long time rival (Eastbrook) in week 4 of the IHSAA season tonight. Follow TribeTV on Twitter for a LIVE tweetcast on tonight’s game.

Tonight’s Events

-Football at Eastbrook (CIC) 7pm

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Tribe Sports Report written by Ryan Scott. The Tribe Sports Network Director/The Voice Of The Indians. Part of the TribeTV Student-Media Program.

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